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Izmir is home to the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World..."I am 8,500 years old..." says the city of Homer...

Izmir, is a modern town which has preserved its archaeological and historical assets. It is an important trade centre, because of its port. The diversity of activities and resources that ?zmir is able to provide makes it a very attractive area for tourism. It boasts both spas with healing thermal waters, and the deep blue sea with beaches displaying the safety symbol of the blue flag.

?zmir resonates with the water and the wind. Benefiting from the breeze from the Aegean Sea, ?zmir enjoys a well-deserved reputation due to sights and ruins such as Bergama (Pergamon), Çe?me, Foça, Kemalpa?a, Selçuk, Tire and Urla, which are outstanding in terms of the richness of their natural and historical assets.
It offers visitors many options for a unique holiday experience. Its geographical location means that ?zmir enjoys a Mediterranean climate plus natural beauty, a rich cultural and historical heritage, beaches, thermal waters and spas. In addition, it boasts a rich cuisine, featuring grapes, figs, olives, citrus fruits and seafood, as well as the legacies left by civilizations over thousands of years.

The city, known as "Beautiful ?zmir" in Turkey, is located at the start of a long and narrow gulf, decorated with yachts, passenger ships and gulf steamers. It has a warm climate and the cooling sea breeze in the summer takes away the burning heat of the sun. ?zmir, which enjoys a special cultural and historical identity, is the third largest city in Turkey. Its port, located inside the gulf, is the second largest in Turkey. As a lively and cosmopolitan city, it occupies a significant place in Turkey's cultural life with the International Arts Festival and International Fair.