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Cappadocia is an enchanting landscape filled with awe-inspiring pillars, caves and fairy chimneys all naturally created by 3 volcanic eruptions. They smothered the land first in tuff and then a wafer-thin coating of basalt. Each layer adds a different colour to the landscape. The elements eventually wore the tuff away and left ‘hats’ made of basalt on top of columns of tapering tuff commonly known at ‘fairy chimneys’. In one of the valleys the chimneys have taken different formations such as a camel and the Virgin Mary offering another magnificent twist to your journey.


During the battles and persecutions of 12 civilisations people began to take shelter in caves they carved in the pillars. The rock is soft like chalk so houses could be scooped out in days. Once exposed to the air, the rock hardened strong enough to last hundreds of years. This is considered ‘the great miracle’ of Cappadocia. There are now around 30 underground cities and over a thousand rock-hewn churches which are as magnificent inside as the churches of Istanbul.


There are some places that were surely created to be viewed from a birds-eye and Cappadocia is one of them. It is undoubtedly the most spectacular way to appreciate this romantic and unique landscape.  At first things appear to be dessert-like and empty but soon enough you will see homes in the pillars and chimneys with washing hanging on lines and dogs in the gardens barking at the imposing balloons above. We strongly recommend that you book a hot air balloon ride to complement your trip to Cappadocia. Horse-back trails are also a great way to explore this landscape for those who are that way inclined.


Cappadocia has been a centre for carpet weaving for many hundreds of years and there are outlets throughout the region. For a something particularly special, please talk to your sales agent who can arrange for you to visit one of the most prestigious carpet weavers of Turkey. You will not fail to fall in love with at least one of these magnificent pieces of art. Prices will differ dependant on whether you choose wool cotton or silk but if you take care of the authentication certificates, genuine Turkish Carpets are a great investment piece. Door-to-door shipping is paid for by the Turkish government to ensure that your carpet will arrive to your home safely and securely.


Cappadocia is also renowned for its ceramic and pottery. There are 2 areas in Turkey known for their quality ceramics. Iznik ceramic tiles line the mosques and palaces in Istanbul such as Topkapi Palace. Cappadocian Ceramics were favoured by the Sultans and Emperors to fill the palaces. The Seramik family in Cappadocia have been potters for seven generations and we can arrange for you to visit their cave workshop to watch the ceramics being handcrafted. Each single item takes approximately 6 months to be completed. No one is the same and each item truly is a work of art and again certificates are provided making them a great investment.


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